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Oxygen Therapy Recommended By Veterinarians For Over a Decade

A-30 Veterinary Oxygen Generator

The A-30 Veterinary Oxygen Generator from Airnetic is the ideal solution for veterinary practices that require 30lpm or less of oxygen and seek a reliable and efficient source of oxygen. This on-demand oxygen system is equipped with integrated systems technology and has a compact footprint, making it a convenient alternative to traditional tank systems. With its high-quality oxygen output, the A-30 Veterinary Oxygen Generator is a dependable choice for veterinary practices of various sizes.

Say Goodbye to Replacing Oxygen H Tanks Every Month

Tired of running out of oxygen or dealing with the hassle and expense of traditional tank systems? The A-30 Veterinary Oxygen Generator from Airnetic is designed to eliminate these pain points and provide a steady flow of oxygen at all times. The tanks are pressurized to 165 PSI and feature real-time oxygen purity readouts, ensuring the highest quality oxygen for your patients.

A-60 Veterinary Oxygen Generator

The A-60 Veterinary Oxygen Generator from Airnetic is an innovative solution that eliminates the hassle and limitations of traditional oxygen tank systems for veterinary practices. This on-demand oxygen system provides a steady supply of USP 93 grade oxygen with an oxygen flow rate of up to 60 LPM, making it a reliable and efficient choice for any veterinary practice in need of high-quality oxygen.

Experience Unmatched Convenience with A-60 Veterinairy Oxygen Generator

You’ll not need to worry about running out of oxygen during critical moments. With real-time oxygen purity readout, multiple remote alarm alerts, and exceptional average equipment life (when properly maintained), you can rest assured that your practice is in safe hands. And with 24/7 technical support based in the USA, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’re never alone.