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Fuel Cells for ICU Units

We have two kinds of fuel cells available for our ICU Units. The ICU manufacture date determines which product is required. If you are unsure which fuel cell to purchase, give us a call. Our staff can quickly confirm which fuel cell you need. You can complete your order over the phone at that time, or you can resume online purchase (1-800-422-1932).

Please make sure you know which you need before ordering. Snyder will not be responsible for shipping fees to return the wrong fuel cell, and there is a restocking fee as well.

All products will be shipped UPS. Shipping costs will be added.



Filters and Supplies

ICU Animal Compartment Filters

Replace every 6 – 8 months
ICU Animal Compartment filters are only sold in a two filter pack.

Size: 16 5/8″  x  4 7/8″ each


ICU Filter set for both the animal and compressor compartments

Includes two filters for the animal compartment, and one compressor filter.

Animal Compartment filter Size: 16 5/8″  x  4 7/8″ each
Compressor filter Size: 12″  x  8″  each


ICU Compressor Filter

Replace every 24 – 26 months
Size: 12″  x  8″

This filter is located in the compressor compartment and vents behind the ICU unit.


Dryer Filters Standard & Custom sizes

replace every 24 – 36 months

Size: 23 ” x  21 3/4″

Important filter maintenance:  Clean and remove hair daily by gently brushing, vacuuming, or rinsing.


ICU-Glass/Acrylic Door Gasket

Size: 3/8″ wide

The ICU-Glass/Acrylic Door Gasket goes around the large glass or acrylic door.


ICU B-door gasket

Size: 3/4″ wide

The ICU B-door gasket goes around the small B-door.


Red Caps

Red caps should always be in place to stop leaking oxygen when I.V. and Nebulizer lines are not in use

Size: 1 9/16″ Diameter x 3/4″ High


Black Caps

Replace when the caps no longer fit snuggly around lines

Size: 1 3/8″ Diameter x 1 1/8″ High