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Cat Housing

Snyder is the Innovator in Creature Comforts

It all began in the garage of Chuck Snyder in 1957. A veterinarian friend of the engineer came to him wanting an alternative to his cold and noisy stainless steel cages. The basic design of using warm and quiet laminate interiors combined with poured polyester resin corners for easy cleaning is still in use because of its proven durability. The original assembled anodized aluminum gates have also withstood the test of time. Our innovation has been continuous and Snyder was the first to offer many options in the evolution of commercial pet housing, including:

•  A variety of Benches, Portholes and Removable Partitions

•  Heated Floors and Half-floors

•  Litter Pan Hiders with Venting Option

•  Tempered Glass Backs, Windows, and Combination Gates with Partial Bars

•  Horizontal Bars and Frosted Privacy Glass Panels

Cat Housing Products & Options

We Lead in Stress-Reducing Cat Housing

Perhaps the most dramatic change in the small animal housing industry over the last decade has been with cat housing. A cat’s need for more space, privacy, and perching, which was first studied in shelters, now also applies in veterinary and boarding settings as a priority for stress reduction. Stress reduction results in healthier and happier pets and peace-of-mind for pet parents.

Snyder offers state-of-the-art cat housing with these features:

• Our frosted privacy coating is in between two pieces of tempered glass for easy cleaning and sanitizing.

• Partial tempered glass gates help control respiratory illnesses.

• Optional Horizontal bar configuration allows for calm viewing.

• U-Benches and L-Benches provides optimal perching.

• Optional back and side windows and/or full tempered glass backs maximizes natural light.

• Velvet Touch Quiet Latches reduces disruption.

• Removable Partitions offer versatility and family housing options.

• We offer custom depths to increase square footage.