Construction of our Intensive Care Units

about_1-1Construction is the same as our regular kennels: strong, durable, high pressure laminate-lined interiors. In addition, the ICU is easy to clean with rounded corners and raised no-drip front edges. The 3/16″ thick, clear tempered glass doors with anodized aluminum frame and air tight gaskets, have no post between them to interfere with moving a large patient in and out. There are three standard widths, and other configurations or sizes are available. The lower cages serve as a base for the main unit and are optional.

The standard configuration for the base is a 32″ tall cage with removable partitions, casters, card holders, and gates with a space at the top for an IV line. Each has a heated floor with thermostatic controls on the main panel for setting and reading the exact floor temperature. The ICU with base including casters is 68 1/4″ tall and 28″ deep. Allow 4″ of space behind the unit for compressor ventilation and 12″ at the right side for the flowmeter and oxygen hose, which are included. The ICU Model 2100H is 69 3/4″ wide; the ICU Model 2100G, 58 1/4″ wide; and the ICU Model 2100F, 46 3/4″ wide.