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image1The sizes and shapes of kennels have long been dictated by the purpose they will be used for and the amount of space available in a facility. A 50,000 square foot boarding facility is definitely going to have different needs and options than a 2,000 square foot cat hospital.

Over the years Snyder MFG has added to our base catalog of sizes and shapes, and adapted many new styles of cages to accommodate the growing numbers of specialty facilities with their space, financial, and (more and more) their aesthetic parameters. Our designs always include keeping animals as safe and as comfortable as possible in their temporary environment.

image2There are units that are designed to make the best use of corner space in small rooms. There are PACFA* compliant units designed to give an animal enough space to feel comfortable while awaiting adoption- not to mention stylish enough to appeal to those coming to adopt!

*PACFA is an acronym for Pet Animal Care and Facilities Act which is a program for licensing and inspecting pet care facilities in Colorado to protect the health and well-being of animals while in these facilities.

image3There are units on casters for easy movement, for ease in cleaning, or repurposing rooms in a facility, or even for someone who likes ”moving the furniture around” frequently! There are kennels that are built right into walls, some for display purposes and others for space saving or aesthetic purposes. Since we build everything to customer specifications, we can always help with aesthetic and minimal space concerns with the best quality laminate cages and kennels.

We can help you in the design process, or we can simply build the kennels to accommodate image4your design. Either way Snyder MFG is here to assist with any facility needs, just like we have been for 58 years now!