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Modular Kennel Run System

A. Framework:

Run Gate Frame/Run Gate Side Panel Frame/Grille Frame: Run gate frames, run gate side panel frames and grille frames shall be either 1” or 3/4” square anodized aluminum with stainless steel fasteners. All anodized aluminum used in the kennel system shall be Type 6061- T6 and shall be 6061-T6511 on the hardness scale.

B. Gates and/or Grille Work:

Run Gates/Run Grille Panels/Run Grille Work: Run gates, Run grille panels, and run grille work shall consist of solid anodized aluminum rods which are 5/16” in diameter and have a space of 11/16” between the rod placements. Inside gate door height shall be 72” with no bottom frame (threshold) within the door/kennel access portion of the gate.

C. Tempered Glass Doors:

Tempered glass doors shall consist of 3/16” tempered glass framed in anodized aluminum.
Tempered glass is scratch resistant and certified by the manufacturer.

D. Partitions:

Panels – Solid Section:
Substrate material: Industrial grade high-density MDF resinous core material, which is 1/2” thick.
Laminate: Wilsonart (or comparable) 1/16” thickness with full choice of standard colors/patterns. Edge encasement: Anodized aluminum channel encases top and sides (attached using National Casein CL-8800 Cross Link Adhesive); Mameco Vulkem sealant #166 coversbottom edge and 3” to 4” up the sides of the panels. Channel-to-floor sealant: a 40-year acrylic
silicone sealer between floor channel and panel sides. Floor and Wall Channel: Floor channelshall be flared with 2 1/8’ sides and shall be constructed of anodized aluminum. The wall channel shall be anodized aluminum and shall be attached using stainless steel screws. This solid section of the partition shall be 48” in height.

Panels – Top Grille Section:
Refer to B. above for specifications. This grille section shall be 26” in height for an overall
partition height of 74”.

E. Accessories:

Provide accessories as required, including: run resting benches/gutter covers, run top covers (grille tops), dual swivel feeders, guillotine doors, card holders, run baskets, and water pans.