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Avian Treatment Cages

Birds, Exotics/Small Animal Housing

These proven designs let you safely, reliably, and conveniently keep birds or small animals under the oxygen and temperature conditions you prescribe. Adjust the flowmeter to allow oxygen into the unit. Warm the heated floor and ceiling by adjusting the control box. Monitor humidity and temperature with the dual gauge mounted behind the door and protected with a bird resistant shield.


Perches are removable to convert the cage for small animals and for easy cleaning. The standard perch configuration includes single position 1/2″ diameter and adjustable height 5/8″ diameter; 1″ and 1.5″ diameter are available as an option for larger birds. The Avian Treatment Cage door has one or two sets of cups, which swivel out for filling, then lock back in place. The porthole lets you reach in without the animal escaping and without losing the controlled atmosphere. The sturdy units are built with traditional Snyder construction methods. Interior is high pressure laminate with resin poured corners and face. The outside bottom is laminate. The door is 3/8″ thick acrylic with anodized aluminum frame, and lifts off for easy cleaning. The ATC-26 is 26″ high and 27 1/4″ wide. The ATC-32 and ATC-20 are 31.5″ and 20″ high respectively. They are 20″ wide. The depth of all units is 18″. s_treat_2A humidifier/nebulizer with bracket and a small nebulizer with suction cup mount are optional accessories. By flowing oxygen through these, humidification or nebulization is accomplished. A vinyl mat is included for the floor. Another option for birds and small animals is a Wildlife Gate for any size ATC or cage. Its 1/4″ spacing keeps small animals from escaping, yet allows full air circulation. The rods are made of stainless steel to be chew proof by wild animals.

Custom Designed Treatment Cages

Snyder Manufacturing Co. has many options and accessories helpful in a recovery or treatment setting. For over forty years, the heated floor and/or ceiling has been our most popular, reliable, and useful treatment cage option. The fact that the heating is built into the floor means there is nothing additional to clean around. Other accessories can be ordered either at the time of manufacture or in the future as needs change. Customization of an acrylic door can include any of the ATC door features. It should be noted that for animals larger than cats, cages with an acrylic door, but no cooling, are most useful for short term applications. Overheating can be detrimental to patient recovery. The Snyder Intensive Care Units (ICU) should be used for larger animals in longer term cases. An oxygen setup on an acrylic door consists of a humidifier/nebulizer with bracket mounted on the door and pointing into the cage. A flowmeter and oxygen hose are attached on top of the humidifier/nebulizer. A door can alternately be ordered with a hole size and location specified for oxygen inflow, with perforations, or various other designs. A cage can have more than one gate or door that is interchangeable for flexibility. s_treat_3Treatment cage acrylic doors, unlike ICU doors, do not have an airtight fit. Therefore, oxygen concentration cannot be as closely controlled or maintained as in the Snyder ICU. The gap is small enough, however, that we have special options for use of the cage with an IV block. This block, which can be installed at any time, increases the gap (see picture above) so the tube cannot be pinched. For a cage where oxygen will be used, a notch in the top of the acrylic door to hold the IV tube is an option. IV stands and racks are available to be mounted on top of any cage bank. Both upright and slanted designs are available. The slanted designs suspend the IV bags out in front of the cage. A simple installation of the stands can be made at any time.