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Snyder cage units are first class accommodations for small animal guests. They are warm, comfortable and quiet. Made of 3/4" thick substrate, to deaden sound, with high-pressure laminate for a nicer, warmer interior



Litter Pan Hider™ Cage Unit

The Snyder Litter Pan Hider™ keeps litter pans out of the way of the cat’s resting space. Choose 23.75″ or 29.5″ wide main compartments (28″ or 31.5″ tall) and the middle section takes up an additional 11.5″ of width. This design gives two cages (side by side) their own litter area. Acrylic doors in front keep litter particles, as well as odors inside the middle section.

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Installation & Assembly

No assembly or installation is required. Many standard size units are available. As needs grow, additional units can be added. (See the Basic Unit Sizes for dimensions.) Units are generally constructed together in banks, eliminating any seams between them. Pet owners appreciate the neat, fresh look and warm, inviting appearance of Snyder cage units. By survey, pet owners prefer them to cold, clinical looking enclosures.

Customization & Accessories

Many options and accessories are available. Some are pictured on this website, more are available upon request. A removable partition between any two cages can be ordered, to convert them into one wide cage. Add the convenience of plastic laminate cardholders with spring clips. Stainless steel water pans with brackets are available in one quart and one and a half quart sizes. Gate handle locks are a foolproof way to eliminate the chance of an escape. The addition of casters makes a unit mobile and allows for easy cleaning behind and under any cage.

All Snyder cages can be equipped with vinyl mats, floor racks, or removable litter pans. Setups for administering oxygen are available. The use of an IV can be facilitated. Any unit may be ordered with an electrically heated floor. For use with small mammals, birds, and exotics, we offer the Wildlife Gate with thin, closely spaced rods. Cage units with gates on the front and back, or custom size units can be made. Many other options are available upon request.