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Snyder Cat Cottages™ have been very popular in the industry for over fifteen years and their popularity continues to grow. It is easy to custom design them to fit any space. There are so many possible configurations that we have even been told there are too many options! Whatever specific sizes are needed, when it comes to frisky felines, the Cat Cottage™ fits the need.

The Cat Cottage™ is constructed in the Snyder tradition - strong, durable, high pressure laminate lined, and easy to clean with rounded corners and raised no-drip edges. Polyester resin is poured in all interior corners and forms the face of the cage. This exclusive manufacturing process seals and bonds the unit, and has been the key to durability of laminate lined cages. They resist cracking, scratching, splitting and staining. The solid anodized aluminum gates lift off for easy cleaning.

These units feature options of side or back resting benches, slide-in half-floors, portholes with doors, and clear acrylic backs. The Cat Nap-purr™, a removable bench and resting space, can be included. Stainless steel water pans with brackets, a single (one quart or one and a half quarts) or a dual 20 ounce, are popular additions. As with any Snyder cage unit, card holders, casters, clear acrylic doors, heated floors, gate handle locks, oxygen hookups, and setups to facilitate the use of IV are available. Floor racks, removable litter pans, and vinyl mats can be included to cover any Cat Cottage™ floor. Removable partitions can be installed between any two cages. Custom sizes and cages with gates on the front and back are also available. Back benches (10″ or 12″ deep) are completely finished with poured corners and face – no edges to catch dirt. Side benches (8″ deep) are permanently held in place with brackets. Side benches allow the best visibility of animals from behind the optional clear acrylic back.

Snyder Cat Usro Condo

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The half-floor can be removed with the remaining half serving as a bench between the upper and lower units. This durable and easy to use design includes resin pours, a no-drip edge, and aluminum brackets. The half-floor conveniently stores in a second set of brackets below the shelf. Close half floors and portholes when busy, or open them up to offer your clients various choices for their cat’s stay. The porthole with removable door allows one or more cats to share side by side cages. The door lifts up and out – no chance of it falling closed. Sanitary clear acrylic brackets with open ends hold the door in place but do not trap dirt. Clear acrylic backs can be added to allow boarders an outside view, to improve the aesthetics of the room, or to view cats for adoption. A 3/8″ thick sheet covers the entire back, which has a poured face and no-drip edges for easier cleaning. The back is screwed in place and sealed, but can be removed for cleaning or resealing if necessary. For some cat situations, cages with portholes can be used in conjunction with a black acrylic light shield, to ease the animal to the adjacent cage. By blocking the light in one cage, the cat feels more comfortable moving into it.   Cottage Fresh Vent System™  Popular Cage Configurations