Intensive Care Units (ICU)

The Snyder concept of a controlled environment system is to provide an airtight enclosure, and to control and electronically monitor the atmosphere. A desired oxygen concentration range is set by the user and maintained automatically. Visual and audible alarms can be set to sound or flash when oxygen concentration does not stay within the set range for any reason. Oxygen enrichment is often indicated for pre-op situations, shocks, head injury, neurologic disease, tissue hypoxia, severe anemia, and numerous other symptoms and situations. The Snyder ICU provides a way to administer oxygen without adding stress to the patient and without spending time implementing alternative setups.

dsc_0077_croppedThe center compartment houses the recirculating fans, carbon monoxide filter, heating element, cold coil, and oxygen sensor probe. The climate control system provides twelve air exchanges per minute with thermostatic control of temperature. Without heating or cooling capabilities patients can become under or overheated, thus undermining treatment or recovery. The autoclavable humidifier/nebulizer is conveniently situated in front of the recessed center compartment so it can be easily filled or cleaned. A dehumidify cycle can be used to remove moisture from the unit. When the desired humidity level has been reached, the cycle can be turned off.

There is also a removable white acrylic perforated partition provided to make a small animal more comfortable in the large compartment, or possibly house two small animals in the ICU compartment.

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