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Kennel Runs

The Snyder Run System offers durability and a professional appearance at a reasonable cost. Both the high pressure laminate covered panels and the anodized aluminum gates and grillework have proven to keep their functionality and appearance for decades of use in a run environment. Clients will appreciate the colorfulness of the panels and the superior aesthetics of the gates.

The colored partitions are substrate covered with laminate for a total of 3/4" thickness. Laminate is harder than any type of sheet or molded plastic because it is formed at a very high pressure and temperature. Edges are enclosed with anodized aluminum channels and polyurethane sealant. The panels are thick enough to be very sturdy, yet they save significant space compared to structural or block walls. The panel materials are also used to deaden and absorb sound. A flared floor channel sits on the floor holding the partitions. An industrial polyurethane sealant is used to hold this channel to the floor as a barrier to cross contamination. The unique design of the flared floor channel makes it easy to clean and is compatible with many floor situations, the most common being a trough along the back of and inside the run ward.



Gates & Grillework

blueprivacy-1Gates and grillework are 1″ and 3/4″ square anodized aluminum. Everything is screwed together with stainless steel fasteners, making the replacement of any part easy. There are no welds. Gates are attached to a front framework, making it possible to purchase Snyder Run gates and framework that can be installed in front of other types of partitions. Gates can be built to any specified width. For lengths over 3 1/2′, a gate panel is used. The gate panel is a fixed section of grillework that the gate locks against. All gates swing in and out with no frame across the bottom of the opening to have to clean around or step over. The latch on the gate can be opened with one hand, allowing personnel to easily open it while keeping control. Because all the parts go together quite easily, even large installations have been completed with our instruction booklet alone.

Successful installation starts with exact measurements of the area so each piece can be built

privacypanels-1to an exact fit. Attachment of panels and gates consists mainly of driving bolts into predrilled, threaded, and countersunk holes. For installation of more than a few runs, we recommend our on-site installation supervision service to make the process go quickly and conveniently.

Run width and depth can be tailored to your exact space requirements. Many configurations work well with Snyder Runs, such as back-to-back runs or freestanding wards in the center of a room, or a series of runs against an existing back wall, with or without side walls. Grille run covers are available. of the animal.

Guillotine Doors

benchguill-1Guillotine doors with a remotely operated handle are an option. They can be mounted on an outside wall for indoor/outdoor access, or used within a panel between two runs for expansion capability. Popular accessories for gates are card holders with spring clips, and rotating two-bowl swivel feeders.

Our resting bench/gutter cover is constructed like a run partition, including the anodized aluminum channel framing the edges. Designed to be installed between any two partitions or walls, it swivels up for access to the gutter below. The standard 24″ depth makes it appropriate for a resting surface for most dogs. The front is elevated by an adjustable leg or legs. Adjustment to approximately 2″ from the floor allows material to be hosed into the drain without lifting the bench. This height makes the bench resistant to lifting by dogs.

Options, Additions & Accessories

color-chart-1Other options include single water pans with bracket, floor racks or vinyl mat sized to partially or completely cover any run floor. Floor racks can also be suspended to create a raised floor. Our racks install into any dividing walls or partitions, and sit flat no matter what the slope of the floor.

The Snyder Run System can also be tailored to create a cat exercise area or individual cat enclosures. Benches can be mounted at different heights on the walls. Clear acrylic windows can also be specified within a partition. Glass doors(full or partial) are a recent option which are gaining in popularity as they are quiet, sturdy, very warm and friendly and allow for easy visibility of the animals.

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