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Cat Housing

Litter Pan Hider™

Snyder Tall Litters™ offer an alternative configuration for this cage, where the height of the litter pan hider spans the entire height of the cage. This feature provides additional space for cats with more girth. Unlike our original model, the new litter pan hider has endless configuration possibilities. For small cats, you could utilize our “AA2″ unit that is 19 3/4” in height. To accommodate an entire cat family, you could add a litter pan hider to our “D” cage that is 31 1/2″ high. This feature can be ordered in pairs like our traditional litter pan hider, or for a facility that has space constraints, it is now an option with a single cage.

The Snyder Litter Pan Hider™ keeps litter pans out of the way of the cat's resting space. Choose 23.75" or 29.5" wide main compartments (28" or 31.5" tall) and the middle section takes up an additional 11.5" of width. This design gives two cages (side by side) their own litter area. Acrylic doors in front keeps litter particles, as well as odors inside the middle section.