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Vinyl Mats

Used as a cage liner or on the floor of a run, Snyder Vinyl Mat creates a warm and inviting environment for animals to lie or stand on. It allows them to get out of liquids and provides air circulation under them. Used with the optional heated floor, the mat provides indirect contact and heat dissipation. The mat also helps reduce noise in kennel or run areas.

Snyder Vinyl Mat has a non-porous surface, because it contains no recycled materials. This allows it to be easily cleaned and prevents the buildup of bacteria. Its slightly convex top surface allows liquids to fall through more easily. Its heavy duty construction is guaranteed not to come apart or tear. It will not split, crack, or lose its smooth surface. It cannot be damaged by any methods of sterilization including autoclaving.

This versatile product can be put alongside or on top of any work surface, reducing noise in working areas and preventing breakage of most dropped items. The mat is durable and has a resilient, springy surface that is comfortable, with a cushion effect that helps reduce fatigue for animals, as well as people. It is flame resistant and has excellent insulating properties to help protect personnel using electrical apparatus. Placing the mat on surgery tables and covering bathing tub racks are just two of many possible uses.

The standard 33′ roll comes in 24″, 30″, or 36″ widths. Mats cut to size are also available. The vinyl material cuts easily making installation effortless. The one piece construction eliminates any gluing or snapping together of squares. It is available in green, black, or blue, all with a black base.