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Architects, designers and builders all enjoy working with our experienced staff to help create a distinctive and clean look in many different types of animal care facilities.

Snyder Mfg. works with all the top animal care industry architects as well as many design builders to bring dreams to fruition.

The versatility to design, create, and build many custom looks makes Snyder a top choice in new facilities for Kennel Runs, Display Cages, and Cat Cottages™. More designs call for open concept style clinics, Humane Societies, and boarding facilities, and

Snyder has been involved in these projects from day one!

But what we hear most about is the ability to communicate openly, to know what types of designs and concepts will work and won’t, and to work closely with the architect, designer/builder, and their customer, to take the project from concept through to completed project with minimal snags or slows.

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