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Avian & Exotics

Snyder Offers Many Options for Birds & Exotics

Snyder prides itself on the ability to take ideas from veterinarians and turn them into reality. One area where we meet the needs of specialized veterinary practices is our innovative avian/exotic housing and treatment housing.

Snyder’s Avian Treatment Cage (ATC)

Our ATC’s let you safely, reliably, and conveniently keep birds or small animals (such as exotics) under the oxygen and temperature conditions you prescribe.

  • Oxygen Administration using a Flow Meter.
  • Adjustable Heated Floors and Heated Ceilings create an ambient temperature up to 93° F.
  • Humidiguide displays humidity and temperature.
  • Two Types of Nebulizers: Large 375ml and 10cc Nebulizer for Medications.
  • Perch configuration includes a single position 1/2″ diameter and adjustable-height 5/8″, 1″, and 1.5″ diameter perches are available as an option for larger birds.
  • Rotating seed feeders make for easy feeding and help maintain oxygen levels.
  • Tempered glass is much easier to clean and disinfect than bars.
  • Rotating Feeders allow for minimal contact with staff.

The ATC-26 is 26″ high and 27 1/4″ wide. The ATC-32 and ATC-20 are 31.5″ and 20″ high respectively. They are 20″ wide. The depth of all units is 18″. Custom sizes available.

Gate and Size Options for Birds and Exotics

  • Snyder’s Wildlife gate with a 1/2” gap between 3/16” vertical rods is perfect for birds and exotics. Many clients purchase this gate in addition to their stand-ard gate for a quick conversion of their housing.
  • Dutch doors with tempered glass bottoms allow access without disturbing bedding materials. This is especially useful for small mammals such as rabbits, hamsters, and Guinea pigs.
  • Snyder offers many gate configurations and options including tempered glass, portholes, nebulizer ports, and humidiguides.
  • Snyder has the most width and height standard housing sizes which fit most tight spaces. If these sizes still don’t quite meet your needs, we also offer a
    custom-built housing option.



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