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Isolation Housing is Easy with Snyder

Since the 1990’s, Snyder’s use of tempered glass in both cat housing and kennel runs has provided animal hospitals and shelters with an effective solution for isolation areas. With over 30 years of proven safety and durability, Snyder continues to be a top choice of veterinarians for isolation rooms.

Snyder’s Isolation Design Features

Dog Isolation Housing

  • Our tempered glass kennel run gates have a 1” gap around the framing to provide ventilation while minimizing aerosol transmissions. Tem-pered glass can also be combined with laminate for side and rear panels to give maximum light allowance while maintaining isolation.
  • Every kennel run is custom-made which means isolation rooms can be designed to maximize every available inch for occupancy.
  • Tempered glass is much easier to clean and disinfect than bars.
  • Rotating Feeders allow for minimal contact with staff.

Cat/Small Mammal Isolation Housing

  • Individual compartment venting used with tempered glass gates/bar combination gates provide a healthy environment for isolation rooms.
  • Our Litter Pan Hiders make removal and replacement of litter pans efficient while minimizing the disruption for cats.
    Snyder’s exclusive no-drip edge keeps any fluids inside the compart-ment.
  • Snyder’s larger housing keeps cats in isolation more comfortable and healthier by helping reduce stress.
  • Side windows and tempered glass backs can make use of natural light sources.



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