Lange Foundation


The Challenge

Every year in Los Angeles County, over one hundred thousand pets are taken to animal shelters simply because they drastically outnumber the homes available to them. They spend their last few days in overcrowded cages before most of them are euthanized. As their lives silently end, thousands more are being born who will endure the same fate.

The long-term answer to the overpopulation problem is to prevent the births of pets who will never have homes and will only know misery during their short lives. We are currently seeking funding to continue our efforts in the spay/neuter field.

In the meantime, with your help, we will do all we can to give a future to those who have already been born and abandoned and need our help so desperately.  We continue to do so until the day finally comes when animal shelters will be what they were intended to be: a place of refuge.



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