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Stress Reduction

Snyder is the Original Innovator of Stress Reduction Housing

The very origin of Snyder Mfg. is rooted in comfort and stress reduction. Back in 1957, the sole purpose of the design of Snyder’s housing was to provide an alternative to the solitary choice of cold and noisy stainless steel. In addition, veterinarians quickly discovered Snyder’s availability of much larger housing options. Snyder also recognized the importance of quiet gate latches and the need for corrosion resistant materials. The choice of anodized aluminum with swivel latching and assembled gates instead of welding has held up over time.

EuroCondo with Removable Partition

Key Elements of Stress Reduction in Housing Design:

• Enough space to stretch and turn around (including tail for dogs).
• Privacy options and perching with unobstructed views for cats.
• Separate litter area for cats.
• Warmer surfaces that do not require towels or blankets.
• Adequate ventilation (and ability to sniff for dogs).
• No reflective surfaces or bright white interiors.
• Not too dark or too light, and providing natural light if possible.

EuroCondo with Removable Partition

Corner Cat Cottage with Glass Back

Comfort Solutions for Cats from Snyder

Eurocondo with U-Bench, privacy glass and horizontal bars.
Corner housing for extra room or for cat families.
Litter Pan Hiders for litter separation and easy cleaning.
Glass Gates with either horizontal bars or 4” top vertical bars
Tempered glass backs and/or side windows for natural light.
Cat Runs offer extra room, high perching, and socialization.

Over/Under Litter Pan Hider with Glass/Bar Gates

Comfort Solutions for Dogs from Snyder

• Custom made kennels let you select various sizes needed to fit the occupants.
Privacy Panels keep dogs calmer in face-to-face kennel run configurations and active aisleways.
Side transfer doors easily expand living areas.
Resting Benches provide warmth without blankets and also hide rear drain trenches.
Dutch Doors allow for human interaction while maintaining separation.
Tempered Glass Gates provide calming views and also can reduce noise throughout the room.
Rotating Feeders are not only very efficient for staff , but also can help eliminate excitability issues during feeding.

Small Dogs Need Special Attention

Standard kennel runs can be highly stressful for small dogs. Snyder has two solutions that clients tell us help keep small dogs much calmer and happier.

Double Decker Runs are calming and cozy for dogs, all while doubling your occupancy space.
Teacup Housing customizes our standard housing to fit dogs under 5 lbs.



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