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Surgery Recovery

For Surgery Recovery, Snyder is a Vet Tech’s Best Friend

Surgery recovery is one of the most labor intensive operations in a veterinary hospital. Snyder can make life much easier for those caring for post-operative animals.

Snyder’s Surgery Recovery Housing and Accessoriess.

– The Snyder Intensive Care Unit

In addition to the oxygen administration, CO2 extraction, heating and cooling in the main ICU, the Snyder ICU has a large recovery compartment below that has heated floors, a removeable partition, and extended hinges for I.V. lines. The Snyder ICU comes in several widths that will fit most hospital spaces.

ICU 2100H with Recovery Compartment

– Post Surgery Patient Warming

Keeping post surgery patients warm, but not too warm can be a time-consuming task. Heated blankets are expensive, have a limited lifespan, and unfortunately can quickly become too hot or even burn patients. Regular blankets bunch up with the slightest movements and retain moisture and urine. Snyder’s heated floors have an infinite control mechanism and the heated wiring is sealed underneath the laminate floor. Our heated floors require the use of vinyl matting. The vinyl matting assures that there is no possibility of burns and draws any bodily fluids away from the patient keeping them both warm and dry. Many clients are big fans of our vinyl matting because it adds comfort and warmth to any housing, yet is easy to clean and disinfect. They find vinyl matting a real time-saver compared to the hassle and washing of towels and/or blankets. Vinyl matting is great for use in tubs, on exam tables and even as fatigue matting for staff.

Recovery Housing with Heated Floors

– I.V. Administration

By using Snyder’s Gate-Mounted I.V. stands, floor space remains clear of trip hazards. We also offer a top-mounted I.V. Stand and I.V. Block shims that allow the I.V. line to run behind the gate with no pinching and also not interfering with the gate’s operation.

I.V. Stand for Glass Gates

I.V. “Block” Hinge Shim

I.V. Stand for Metal Gates

Vinyl Matting

Heated Floor Control Box



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