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Snyder Mfg began in 1957 because a veterinarian wanted a quieter, and warmer way to house animals in his clinic. Our founder, Chuck Snyder, came up with a solution for his friend and then decided to make a business out of it.

Many creative minds have been working over the years to improve and diversify Snyder’s product lines. Snyder laminated cages with Heated Floors, easy-to-clean internal rounded corners, and durable aluminum Gates and Doors have been a popular mainstay for veterinary clinics throughout the world.

The Snyder Intensive Care Units (ICU) was developed many years ago, and is now in it’s latest version, as of 2012, with state-of-the-art electronics and a touch screen monitor. This sophisticated, yet easy to read and use panel is the most reliable and advanced ICU we have ever made. Fully equipped to monitor oxygen, CO2 and humidity levels, there is simply nothing like it in the animal care market.

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