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The Dryer Pets Prefer

It’s gratifying when so many customers tell us how much they love their Snyder cage dryer. But it’s even more gratifying when they tell us how much the animals love our dryer! Several clients have told us that some of their four-legged customers head right for our cage dryer, as soon as they enter their grooming shops! Why? Because our quiet cage dryer with its soothing warm air circulation is almost as nice as napping in the sunshine!

Best of all, while the cat or dog is enjoying our gentle drying process, instead of enduring the noise and discomfort of typical drying, employees are not spending unnecessary time and physical effort drying the pet.

From a financial investment standpoint, groomers have told us that our cage dryer has paid for itself in as little as six months, with the reduction of the grooming process time.

But, there are also many technical and quality features of the Snyder cage dryer. We feel it is these features that have made our cage dryer extremely successful and that give it a clear advantage over our competitors’ products.

1. The Snyder Cage Dryer is engineered for precision monitoring and safety.

The primary concern with a cage dryer must be animal safety. As the manufacturer who invented the cage dryer, Snyder Manufacturing Company’s 40 years of experience speaks for itself in the safety features that no other cage dryers contain. These features include an overheat sensor, optional microchips (programmable), fan-only capability for heat-sensitive animals, large digital display for the time and temperature and preset function for consistent drying times and temperatures.

2. The Snyder Cage Dryer is extremely durable in a high moisture environment.

Another major concern with a cage dryer must be its ability to handle constant moisture. Our laminate surface, with resin-poured seams and faces, resists moisture which could penetrate and ultimately deteriorate your dryer.

The laminated walls (3/4″ thick) also reduce noise and are much more pleasing for customers to view. Laminate color choices include: grey, sand and sky (blue). There is no assembly required.

Our blower motor is completely sealed and nonvented. This means there is no maintenance on the motor — no brush replacement or lubrication is needed. The blower motor has a five-year warranty.

3. The Snyder Cage Dryer provides an efficient & healthy work environment for employees.

Snyder cage dryers recirculate warm air rather than allowing it to escape. An EXTREMELY IMPORTANT employee safety feature is our air filtration system, which removes nearly all hair. Also it has an anti-microbial agent to kill 26 different types of bacteria. Our cage dryer has a MUCH LOWER NOISE LEVEL than gate-type dryers. This is better for both pets and employees!

What’s the bottom line? The Snyder cage dryer is a smart investment of funds and provides a cleaner, quieter and happier environment for your employees and your four-legged clients!