We Build Them Your Way

Snyder Manufacturing Company owes its success to our satisfied customers. Why do we have so many loyal clients? We believe it comes down to two major factors. The first factor is that our products are manufactured with the highest quality standards, which means they serve our clients not just for years, but for decades! We frequently speak with clients that have had our “green” cages for 30 or 40 years, and their cages are still being used as much as ever. The second factor is our ability to customize our cage units, kennel runs, (even our ICU’s and Dryers), to meet our clients’ needs and desires.

Professionals who are introduced to our product line for the first time are usually most impressed by our ability to fulfill their “wish lists”. Does your cat boarding area have an unusual wall or perhaps a large window you need to work around? Snyder Manufacturing Company is glad to work with your special architectural needs, and can provide tempered glass backs to our Cat Cottages to let the sunshine in! Want to provide deluxe cat boarding? Our Cat Cottages can be built with Litter Pan Hider™ compartments, and now can be individually vented into your HVAC system. We routinely build portholes, back benches, and side benches. We can also build half-floors, so the cage unit can open up vertical space for your feline guests.

For canine boarders, our kennel runs offer both versatility and creativity for designing a state-of-the-art facility. We build our runs to your exact configurations and measurements, such as side entry gates and custom heights. We build very attractive (and noise reducing) tempered glass doors and combination glass and solid divider panels. Speaking of the divider panels, did you know you have a choice of nearly 300 different laminate colors and patterns? We can build custom guillotine doors or combination guillotine door/back panels. Our resting benches, which swing up to cover drainage trenches, are popular, and so are the Dual Swivel Feeders that are built into the gate and save employees lots of time during feedings.

Is our 6-ft. ICU a little too big for your treatment room? We can make it smaller. We can also put in a special electronic chip to increase the oxygen delivery from 40% maximum, to 100% maximum.

Our cage dryer can be made 6″ less wide, the power cord can be moved from the side to the back, and the heating element can be removed for exclusive “fan only” drying. We can also do custom wire partitions for dividing the drying compartment to accommodate more pets.

These are our most popular product line accessories and customizations. Just give us a call and let us BUILD THEM YOUR WAY!